About Wilhelmus Falize


Dutch photographer, director of photography and creative director of BluHannah Productions Wilhelmus Falize grew up in the gypsy culture on trailer camps, with his mother a Jazz performer who exposed him to the art of fashion from a young age while traveling trough Europe.

He started creating pictures and drawings of the scenes and travels he was exposed to which included dance and fashion and music performances. From the early travels a great sense of composition, an eye for detail and beauty was born.

In 2002 , Falize decided to study at the acclaimed Photo Academy Of Amsterdam. He choose for the differentiation ; Fashion. Falize passionately believes that photography next to his passion for film is close to the film making process ; pictures combined tell a story, the same with beautifully lightened scenes from a movie.


Falize launched his career at fashion magazine La Vie En Rose in 2005. Shortly after he was invited to work with Creative Artist PT founder Anton Beill as a creative director in Lisbon Portugal. At Creative Artist he created exclusive campaigns for ad agencies and editorial magazines like N'Style and L'Agence.




In 2008 Falize partnered up and started production company Venswich Films with producer Bart Hendrikx. Located in the heart of  advertising, film and fashion in Europe, Amsterdam was the nest of young creatives where Falize became part of the market leading movement in the fields of photography, film, advertising and music productions. With Venswich films he was responsible for the art direction of the music video's, film and photography department.

Falize created striking campaigns for Otazu, Eric Kuster, Hutton, Fracas Noir and Icon Suits to name a few. In 2010 he had a solo exhibition at Hollywood Living in Milan, where he was part of the establishment Design4Today.


Falize is a photographer best known for his striking, intimate portraiture and classical visual language. His photography occupy a realm between the past and present, resulting imagery that feels at once progressive and familiar. His work has been published in Elle Magazine, Elle Decor, N'Style, The Bund, Avantgarde, Esquire.


Falize lives in New York and is now working on his book called The Goddess which will be accompanied with a series of large prints during shows in NYC and Milan. In this new series of photographs he invites us on a landscape of ethereal and divine beauty.